+2 Constitution
+2 Wisdom
-2 Intelligence
+4 to all saves versus cold and cold effects, including spells,
Due to the longer hours kept in the arctic regions (months without sun, months with constant sun, etc) they need only sleep 4 hours a night to be considered rested. Can rest wearing medium armor without penalty. Bulky and hairy they are frequently bearded. The women are significantly less hairy, but just as thick.

+2 Dexterity
+2 Constitution
-2 Wisdom
As a nomadic people they are famed for their abilities both with boats and horses, +2 to all profession and survival checks involving travel, and +2 to all swim and ride checks.
Need only pay a quarter of the price to start with a horse at first level, and ¾ price later in the game. Olive skinned with dark hair and stark blue eyes they are found in all the cities, but mostly in between.

+2 Wisdom
+2 Dexterity
-2 Intelligence
Having spent their entire lives in contact with the ocean and its inhabitants, and not infrequently breeding with the Merpeoples they encounter, they receive +4 to all profession and survival checks involving water travel. Swim is always a class skill for them, and they receive a bonus equal to half their level, rounded up.
Due to the merblood in their ancestry they are uniformly a platinum blonde and their eyes are strangely reversed, with the areas normally white being black and those areas normally darkened by irises are pure, milky white. Because of the slower speed of communication between islands than on the mainland their educations are not quite up to date.

+2 Strength
+2 Constitution
-2 Intelligence
-2 Charisma
A warlike people renowned for their mastery of combat and infamous for being mercenaries to the core, they are not always the best liked or best educated, but always ready for a fight. They are automatically proficient with all martial weapons and no matter their class can take the feat weapon specialization once they have the other prerequisites. Their large and powerful frames means they stand out in most cities, but
they are more common in Sahreenmar and south. Few have made it so far as Quarmall, and it is much too cramped for their liking. They roam in large groups in the eastern steppes, fighting the Mingols for grazing land. First and foremost among the slavers they trade primarily in captured Mingols.

+4 Intelligence
-2 Constitution
Darkvision 60 feet
Tremorsense 30 feet
These residents of the underground city of Quarmall are rarely seen outside the city, but are not as uncommon as it would seem as the city is huge. They are mostly hairless, strangely pale and almost waxy due to their infrequent exposure to sunlight, many of them don’t know of the stars and sky. Their upbringing underground leads many to agoraphobia before they adjust. Their trepidation in sunlight earns a strange look here and there but their money is as green as anyone’s so they have little trouble interacting with the rest of the world. The schools underground are vastly superior to most anywhere else, so the children here grow up smart.

+2 Dexterity
+2 Charisma
-2 Strength
The residents of the central city of Ilthmar are famed for their beauty, as well as their corruption. Due to familiarity with trickery they get +2 to all Bluff and Sense Motive checks and those skills are always class skills.

Standard Races



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