Dramatis Personae

Glipkerio Kistomerces One of the richest people in current times, also one of the most powerful. His wealth and clout have him acting as the de-facto ruler of Lankhmar. Began by inheriting his father’s modest grain business and marrying into meager political influence. Very quickly became a major player within Lankhmar’s inner circles and his ascent to real power was meteoric. He is the current High Chairman of the Merchant’s Guild and has been for three years. His daughters Hisvet and Jasra are famed for their beauty and arrogance as well as how badly he spoils them with expensive treats and lavish parties.
Adarra Kistomerces Wife of Glipkerio, is a known lush and party hopper. Widely regarded as a vapid idiot it is common gossip that she was wed out as leverage for her politically involved family. She openly dislikes her daughters and is believed to have been unfaithful.
Jasra Kistomerces: Older daughter of Glipkerio she acts as his shadow in all business dealings, simultaneously his secretary, attorney and researcher her intellect is highly regarded. Looks down on her mother as a disgrace.
Hisvet Kistomerces Youngest daughter of Glipkerio and believed to be in the top three of the most attractive women alive in the world. An aficionado of high culture a party is not a party unless she has shown up. She finds her family boring, except for their money. She spends most of her days courting suitors and embarrassing her name.

Lord Quarmall The ruler of Quarmall, his has been the name of every leader that has ever ruled there, and some speculate that it has been the same man all along. He has three sons, Jamaleth, Hasjarl and Gwaay. The older brothers’ enmity for each other with regard to the succession has escalated into several public arguments. It bordered on civil war for a while until their father put a stop to it. It is well known that they are waiting for him to die so that they can openly fight to decide who takes his place. His first wife died while bearing his eldest son. His second and current wife is of Island descent and she spends most of her time tutoring Gwaay and tending to her husband’s failing health. Thought to be benevolent, almost nothing is known about her.
Gwaay Youngest son of Lord Quarmall he is not in crown contention, though it is widely known he is the favorite. He is highly educated but lacks the ambition of his brothers. He lives with his parents in the keep, spending the majority of his time above ground.
Hasjarl Middle child of Lord Quarmall and first of his second wife he is best described as a brute. Ugly as sin and fond of torture he holds power largely out of fear; those who truly support him believe his ingenuity and drive will usher in a new era of Quarmallian industry. He lavishes wealth on inventors and engineers, digging deeper into the rock below. His hold over the lower reaches has never been truly questioned, though Jamaleth has sent assassins in the past.
Jamaleth Only son of Lord Quarmall’s first wife, he is an accomplished wizard with a large following. Though he comes off as rather normal he is acutely paranoid and sometimes regarded as an eccentric. His followers see his magic and education as but small demonstrations of his intellect, his grand plans for the city of Quarmall are often subjects of debate and rumor. He has defeated several attempts to loosen his hold on the upper reachers of Quarmall, all stemming from his brother.

Tsarmina Lucentio Unwed head of the Lucentio family and sole decision maker for their shipping empire. Rather young compared to others of her social stature some view her bachelorettehood as a show of strength, others regard her and her family as doomed. Her capitol ship, the Caprica, makes a bi-monthly loop of the cities so she is rarely in the same place for long. Though her home port is Ilthmar she is known to keep a small fleet in Sahreenmar.
Cymbeline Marsahd Also a native of Ilthmar Cymbeline is regarded as the most beautiful woman in the world. She has outlived two husbands and is not yet middle aged. She is expected to win the upcoming elections hands-down, which will only solidify and legitimize her power in the region. The public is so enamored of her that there is little she can do wrong, and her word is law for the city.

Chowan of the White “Lord of the Furs” is his unofficial title. He rules No Umbrulsk and Illik Ving by outright popularity. He has opponents but they have been unable to gather sufficient backing to challenge his enduring capacity to make friends. Fat and jovial he is one of the few elected officials that holds his seat without the use of his fortune. He is famous for being rude to people quite unaccustomed to disrespect.
Minaldra Suhuy His clan roams the Cold Wastes, rescuing the lost and over ambitious in the wilds. Supposedly raised by the great white bears found throughout the Bones of the Old Ones he is occasionally seen in Illik Ving. Many a fireside has been filled with tales of his escapades, though less than half are even remotely possible.

Escalus Partansis Eldest of the twins by less than a minute he is left handed and an accomplished swordsman. Born and raised in Sahreenmar he and his brother are the terror of The Inner Sea. His astonishingly disciplined crew and lightning raids have crippled many a merchant voyage.
Gaius Partansis Also an accomplished swordsman, Gaius is the charmer of the pair while Escalus is the brains. He claims to have slept with all three of the Kistomerces women and few doubt it. Of the two, Gaiaus is the one you will hear coming.

Laertes Gartanique The closest thing to a ruler Ool Hrusp has ever seen, Laertes has the two deadliest sword arms in the world. Ambidextrous and ruthless in his training his mercenary band turned police force is the most feared in the world. He wears a cape decorated with a lock of hair he cuts from every person he defeats in a duel. It is a long cape.

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