A few quick notes:

1. There are no Sorcerers, and Bards are exceedingly rare. Powerful arcane magic is a product of intense study and invested time, it does not occur naturally among humans.

2. If you want to be a Paladin, Wizard or Monk, you’ll need a background story and probably a religion, pick or make any you like.

3. If you want to be affiliated with any of the organizations tell me a tale and we’ll see how it goes…

4. There are a few additional races, but think of them more like sub-sets of Humanity. They are products of their environments over time.

5. There are no Elves. Never have been, never will be, but most other standard Pathfinder races are available. These races exist, but keep in mind that 95+ % of the city populations are human.

6. There are a couple new pieces of gear, mostly for flavor.

7. Everyone starts Level 3 with 2,000 gold worth of items. We will be starting in Sahreenmar so start envisioning a poor version of Tijuana, with more drugs and pirates and less donkey-stuff.

Table of Contents



Smaller Organizations

Dramatis Personae


The Cities

Character Creation


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